Maine State Building

A visit to the Maine State Building begins with an over whelming feeling of disbelief that in the late nineteenth century such a magnificent building could be built with materials sent from Maine to Chicago and then later moved back to Maine to Poland Spring by train and ox cart!
The Maine State Building was originally built in 1893 for the Chicago Worlds Fair also known as the Columbian Exposition. The Fair was to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus. All 44 states, dozens of countries and even companies sent buildings to the grounds to participate in the grand event. In total, there were almost 200 buildings on the grounds.
“It was considered best to construct, if possible, a building of Maine granite, slate and other materials that would typify and exhibit these industrial products so abundant in our State…The State building occupied a commanding and desirable location at Jackson Park, on the shore of that vast inland sea, Lake Michigan.” 1895 Report of Board of World’s Fair Managers.

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