John Paul Jones Memorial

Granite and bronze sculpture

Known for his command of the only ship to ever be saluted by a foreign power, you can see John Paul Jones aboard the Ranger today in bronze and granite in southeastern Maine. Sculptor Charles H. Niehaus deliberately portrays John Paul Jones in a 10 foot relief as calm, yet in charge and unbreakable. Pay tribute to this Revolutionary War naval hero in Kittery, Maine.
“Surrender? I have not yet begun to fight,” were the words of John Paul Jones when asked to surrender the ship Bonhomme Richard. In a sense John Paul Jones represents the spirit of the U.S. Navy. In 1775 the American Navy found itself up against the resilient Royal Navy, yet surprisingly enough had captured over 450 British ships by 1778. John Paul Jones was rewarded for his work by commanding the Ranger. Captain John Paul Jones raised the American flag on his ship and on Valentines Day of 1778 a French fleet offered a salute to this warship.

Take a look at the John Paul Jones Memorial Site in the middle of Kittery, Maine. The Ranger was actually built and launched just a short distance from this site.

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