Flying Dutchman Paintball

Flying Dutchman Paintball

What are we about? That’s a great question, we opened in 1987 when paintball was just a
whisper of what it was to become.We took the position of trying to grow the sport by doing what
was best for it, not always us. Try selling that as a business plan! So we looked at what the sport
needed, more players and a safe and affordable place for everyone to play. Back in the old days
paintball was a game for the rich. That changed with the invention of a simple plastic pistol called
the Splatmaster. It put the game within reach of everyone. The sport owes its life to that simple
little marker.

Over the years the equipment has improved until it’s reached such a level that we would not
have dreamed of 30 years ago. When the Tippmann SMG first came out it was banned from
competitions because it could empty it’s 20 rounds of paint in 2 seconds. That was considered
too much firepower. Now we have markers that shoot 25 balls a second being used in recreational
play. That’s only 1500 shots per minute or about twice the rate of the machine guns used by the
U.S. Army. And yet we wonder why some people say the game is getting too rough and we’re
driver players off faster then those who join. It’s a very short ranged strategy. make the money
quick on huge paint sales and give no thought to protecting the sport so it can have a long future.
Years ago we had both traditional ball or what some call woodsball and speedball on the same
fields. Both were a facet of the sport. Together the sport was stronger then separately. But time
brought a divide between the two. We looked at it and decided to stay with traditional play. We
felt that the traditional play had the entertainment value.



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