About Us


The Maine Camping Guide website and printed version of the Maine Camping Guide are products of the Maine Campground Owners Association (MECOA). MECOA represents over 200 of Maine’s licensed campgrounds. The offices of MECOA are in Lewiston Maine and our Contact information is found on the contact page in this section.

Maine-Campground-Owners-Association-logo-153x145MECOA’s mission statement is: “MECOA is the premier resource for supporting campground owners and promoting camping in Maine.” MECOA accomplishes their mission by providing marketing, advocacy and educational tools to its members. MECOA has built this website for the convenience of the camping public and all of our members are represented here on this site as well as in the printed version of the guide which is available here in a digital format. MECOA’s marketing program for members is extensive.

MECOA members enjoy the benefits of three memberships in one. As a member of MECOA, a campground is also provided membership in the National RV and Campground Owners Association (arvc) and the Northeast Campground Owners Association (NCA).

MECOA’s advocacy work includes legislative and agency representation at the state and national level as well as the participation in organizations such as the Maine Hospitality and Tourism Alliance. MECOA is the recognized representative of camping’s interest in the tourism industry.

MECOA provides the informational and educational needs and resources members require through the knowledge base of the office staff, network opportunities at member events and arvc’s “Outdoor Hospitality Education Program”.

More information about membership and participation in MECOA events is available here on the site or by contacting the MECOA office.